Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First Look: The Didache Bible

I received my hardcover copy of The Didache Bible earlier today, and I must say it is quite an impressive volume.  I will provide a proper review in the coming weeks, but I will say that a couple things stand out:

* The page layout is very clear and readable.  Ghosting does not seem to be an issue at all

* I was surprised by the size.  I really thought it would be bigger.  Someone mentioned in a comment that it was like the Navarre Compact NT.  When I read that I thought they were kidding, but it really is only a bit bigger than that.  Very impressive

* This may contain the best collection of Bible maps that I have ever seen in a Catholic Bible

* The Apologetic pages are nicely integrated into the text, printed on the same paper as the Biblical text

* I appreciate not only the CCC references, but also the frequent connections to when particular passages are read in the liturgy


Deacon Dave said...

Thanks, Timothy"

Erica McCrea said...

Very nice. Looking forward to the detailed review. I think I'm going to wait for the leather-bound release in February.

Jim W said...

Yesterday (1/14) I received an e-mail response from Ignatius Press, after an inquiry regarding the leather edition of the Didache Bible. The response was:

Unfortunately we have no updates on the leather version. Our co-publisher, Midwest Theological Forum is responsible for finding a new printer but they have not had any success with that as of yet. At this point it seems very possible that the leather version will not be available until next season, Fall 2015.

I received this message from Marianna Pedrelli

Passing this along to the group.

Barry said...

Thanks for providing us with a look at some of the pages. I'm looking forward to receiving my copy tomorrow. Looks like they've used the maps from the understanding the scriptures text book which are absolutely fantastic.

Jeff S. said...

Just noticed an interesting detail
on what would be called page "iv".
It's the page facing the Table of Contents.
It lists two sets of ISBN numbers
(each set with two numbers) based
on the two companies, MTF and Ignatius.

ISBN Leather MTF 978-1-939231-13-0 Ignatius Press 978-1-58617-972-4
ISBN Hardcover MTF 978-1-939231-14-7 Ignatius Press 978-1-58617-973-1

When I input those ISBN's into Google and Amazon, they all come up empty except for the MTF hardcover 978-1-939231-14-7 which does show up. I can understand why neither leather shows up, but it's odd that
the Ignatius hardcover doesn't show up while the MTF one does.

Jeff S. said...

P.S. Just went to the Ignatius website and the ISBN number they list for their hardcover is
9781586179731. Lo and behold, it does show up when inputted into Google but doesn't on Amazon.
So both company's hardcover ISBN's
show up on Google, but only MTF's
does on Amazon.

No idea what the significance, if any is, but found it interesting.

Russ NY said...

Thanks, Tim, and thanks to everyone for posting their thoughts and comments. I look forward to getting this. I was expecting some monster-sized edition but it's not. What a relief.

Going a little off subject matter, looking at one of the pictures you posted I saw the comment they had on Luke 1:28 where it states: Hail means "rejoice," which is how the NJB translates it. This is one verse I hope gets changed in the NABRE NT. I would like to see "Rejoice." Also, "favored one" needs to be changed as well. If Stephen is full of grace in Acts 6:8, how much more the Mother of Jesus? Maybe it's a different term in the Greek, I don't know.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

rolf said...

Russ, I checked my Greek interlinear
translation and the two Greek words used for 'full of grace', 'favored one' in the verse you mentioned are different.

Jason Engel said...

Actually, that's larger than I thought it would be. Your first picture makes it appear like a typical hand-sized reader, but then the second pic with the study Bible shows it looking larger than that red NOAB. Clearly, photos alone are not an easy reference.

Timothy said...


Thickness wise, it is about the same, however, it is a good inch or two shorter in length. Reminds me a bit of the RSV NOAB.

owen swain said...

I'll wait for the NRSV edition.

I jest, of course, if with disappointment. I know the MWT won't be having any NRSV.

Anyway, I'm committed to my 1B-1YR using "The Life With God Bible, NRSV with Deuterocanonical Books" however, in 2016 I may have a look at the Didache Bible.

Curiously, in contrast to the information above Amazon dot CA is already showing "The Didache Bible with Commentaries Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Ignatius Edition Leather Leather Bound – Feb 9 2015" with Ignatius Press (not known for great leather covers). The ISBN info is: ISBN-10: 1586179721
ISBN-13: 978-1586179724

rolf said...

Timothy, someone mentioned earlier that this Bible has two ribbon markers but your photos appear to show only one. Does yours have two?

Timothy said...

Yes two.

Stuart Dunn said...

Lucky...mine is on the way :) Enjoy it. I know I will!

Jeff S. said...

I spoke on the phone with Ignatius Press yesterday (Thursday) and they told me that their supply of the hardcovers had arrived this week and that they began shipping them out Wednesday and should have finished shipping all the orders by the end of Thursday. So people should start receiving those copies starting on Monday, January 19.

Anonymous said...

Seems MTF loves Book Antiqua or Palatino typeface for their liturgical books. Seems this is the same font in my Daily Roman Missal also published by them.

Brian M said...

I wonder why Ignatius has not yet arranged to have Amazon sell the hardcover edition directly?

Jeff S. said...

My several separate orders from Ignatius Press were just delivered by UPS. When I placed the orders, I selected 2-day air and so I guess
they were sent out on Wednesday.
They are to be gifts for friends,
as my additional order from MTF arrived one week ago last Friday. Hopefully other people will start receiving their orders from Ignatius today.
But if not, certainly starting by Monday.

rolf said...

They had it up on Amazon for pre-order months ago, but when Ignatius delayed it (due to apparent production problems) Amazon sent an e-mail to everyone who had pre-ordered it telling us that it was being cancelled. Then they pulled it off line completely. It will probably be back up for direct order in a little while.

Jesse Edwards said...

Thanks you for showing us pictures. It looks nice and quite exhaustive. Now Catholics have a study Bible better than the NAB to go to. I think I will purchase one soon.

mike7up said...

In the words of a previous blogger, "GAME OVER!" I am ecstatic with the contents and layout of this Bible. Now I can wait another 10-15 years for the completed Ignatius Study Bible and still be content. I can't wait to get my hands on the leather edition and send it off to Leonard's for a Goatskin Leather rebind...

rolf said...

I ordered mine though my local Catholic bookstore (I like to give them business). I am sure it will arrive soon, its probably going through the Panama Canal right now as we speak! I hope???

I will put mine in a genuine leather Bible cover and might tab it also (for Bible study and RCIA).

rolf said...

Well the freighter that is carrying my Didache Bible just docked in Los Angeles, so I am driving over to pick it up this morning. More later.

rolf said...

Well I finally joined the rest of you that have received the Didache Bible. I am impressed! The size is a little smaller than I thought it would be (which is a good thing). The bleed through is very well controlled, and as mentioned before the print is nice and bold. For me this Bible reads very well. The quality of the paper and sewn binding is very nice. I am not going to go into the contents which have already been mentioned above. I think this Bible (with its theological based notes) is what a lot of Catholics have been looking for!

Kenneth Massey said...

Just received my copy today, I love it. The copy I received had some pages creased (wrinkled). Did someone else also have that experience? I do want to buy the leather edition; hopefully they will address the quality issue by the time it’s out. I have put my copy in the adjustable lyfjacket size 240, I may need to get 240 large due to the size.

Timothy said...


2 or 3 of my pages are creased.

rolf said...

I really like reading this Bible! I have switched and am now using the Didache Bible for my 'read the Bile in one year' reading plan. The added maps with the journeys of the patriarchs really helps as I read through Genesis. I like the commentary notes (which is part of my reading plan). The notes are very Catholic, theological and liturgical! Reading these commentary notes adds to the devotional reading atmosphere of the Bible passages.

This would be a very good Bible for any Catholic who wants to read the Bible through the eyes of the Catholic Church. This would be a great Bible for those in RCIA! In fact, I may give it as a confirmation gift to those in my RCIA group (I have a very small group).

I put mine in a genuine leather Bible cover that I had used for my Ignatius RSV-2CE for the last 8 1/2 years. I also put Bible tabs on it. The zippered Bible cover also protects the tabs as I transport this Bible to RCIA every Sunday.

owen swain said...

You kids, you are sorely tempting me!

If I did get this, pretty awesome looking, awesome sounding thing, what would our one-bible/one-year mentor say?!

I'd simply have to make this a two-bible/one-year deal because I still love, love, love the NRSV and the particular edition that I have, The "Life With God NRSV with Deuterocanonicals".

owen swain said...

mike7up, mere curiosity question: If you are planning on having your knew sword rebound in a better than we (with good reason) expect Ignatius leather grade to be, why buy the leather edition? Why not spend less on the hardback and have it rebound as each edition is stated to be sewn binding? Just wondering :)

Leighton said...

Owen, the bonded leather edition is a better candidate for rebinding because it will have the rounded, gilded pages, etc., which the hardcover does not have. It will look much better that way (rather than sharp edged, ordinary white paper with a genuine, quality leather cover).

Ken, my original hardbound copy had mis-printing due to crinkled pages (the printing was done ON the crinkles), but Midwest Theological Forum has been great about taking care of it thus far. Sending a new one with a return label for the defective one.

owen swain said...

Leighton, totally, yes that makes sense and I feel like such a newb ;-) That is obvious I can't understand why my obsessive bible collecting self didn't think of that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just wanna apologize for my remark on the "One Year, One Bible" post.

I do not have any idea how the size of the Didache bible compares to the Ignatius one.

Anonymous said...

From the photos, it looks like the text runs very close to the inside margin (closest to the spine) so that the text isn't flat when opened. What is it like in person?

Michael P.

Rubens Rübenlese said...

I got the Didache Bible OE, which was available here in Austria/Europe. It has 1818 pages but everywhere it says that the Didache Bible has 1960 pages. Does anybody know what the difference is? i hope it is just a question of the design and not of content - in the german speaking world we are painfully lacking catholic material of that quality! Thanks to the US