Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Didache Bible First Look

Thanks to reader Eric for sharing this information with me. Ignatius Press has ok'd that I show this to you.  You can pre-order the Didache Bible now.

A couple other items relating to this new edition:
* The leather used will be bonded leather
* The bonded leather cover will have the same look as the green hardcover
* Sewn binding on both editions
* Publication date is October
* RSV-2CE translation
* The maps looks different than what is found in the ICSB and standard RSV-2CE editions


Matthew Celestis said...

I'm not an RSV fan, but that does look like a great Bible resource.

Eric Barczak said...

Just to clarify-the style and art was what I think they meant as the same. The pic of the cover Ignatius sent over appears black in color, not green, for the base color.

Timothy said...

Thank you for the clarification Eric. I do wish they would just do simple covers, particularly for the bonded leather.

rolf said...

This looks very nice! Good layout, and nice maps! Having the CCC right at your finger tips for each verse covered will make this useful for my RCIA and Bible study classes.

Timothy said...

This indeed looks very promising.

Anonymous said...

Bonded leather - a little disappointing, but not unexpected. I'll probably choose the hardcover.

Michael P.

Jonny said...

Wow, the notes look to be more extensive than what I was imagining. I can't hardly believe Ignatius Press had this major project going on alongside the Study Bible project - and had kept it a secret until its pre-order date!

I pre-ordered 2 of these the second I saw it, and I am even more anxious to get them now! I was thinking it would be something to hold me over until the ICSB was released, but I wonder if this will end up being my main Bible for the most part. This looks to be a powerful tool for catechesis and apologetics, an ideal that has been sorely wanting in modern english Catholic Bibles. If my assessment based on the sneek peak is correct, this will be my choice recommendation for readers across the board.

Stuart Dunn said...

Looking good. Agree that it's surprising they did a good job keeping it under their hat.