Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guest Rebind: Rolf's NABRE Oxford Large Print

Thanks to reader Rolf for providing the photos and commentary on this rebind. This looks awesome!  I may have to get mine rebound.

 I bought this Oxford large print NABRE with the genuine leather cover. It is my favorite Bible for several reasons; it has a large size 12 font. The print is bold and is very clear. The notes are at the end of each book so the pages are clear and uncluttered, this makes for better and more prayerful reading. The black genuine leather cover looks good, but the leather was very thin, hard and slippery. I could not hold easily in one hand, which is how I read my Bible most of the time. I had recently considered buying (on eBay) either an Allan or a Cambridge ESV Bible in goatskin because of the lack of any similar Catholic Bibles. But I could not spend $150-$200 for a Bible that is missing 7 books, no matter how nice they are. 

So I decided to go the other route and send my new Oxford NABRE to Leonard's to be rebound. So what to rebind it with was my first question? After reviewing all their selections and recommendations for a larger size Bible, I went with the distressed walnut pebble grain cowhide. It was recommended (among others) for larger size Bibles. The distressed walnut is an extra thick cowhide, which Leonard's also listed as being very soft. This is important to me to keep it from sliding out of my hand! I ordered the cover with a semi yapp extension on the edges of the cover (looks good and protects the gold guilted page edges). The pebble grain cowhide is softer and more supple  than I thought it would be, no breaking in required. It feels like soft leather glove in the hand and despite its thickness (twice as thick as the French Morocco leather on my Cambridge NRSV), it is as supple as goatskin. 

It is amazing, and the smell! My NABRE already had one gold ribbon marker, so I had Leonard's add two burgundy ones. I kept the front cover unmarked (see photos). The rebind cost me $115 plus $16 priority mail shipping (and add what ever it cost you to send it to Leonard's). This is a Bible that I am going to use everyday at home and for my RCIA and Bible study classes, it is going to get a lot of use!


Eric Barczak said...

WOW Rolf, that's one pretty Bible there!

You all realize that these type of posts just torment some of us who would love to have a whole lot of Bibles rebound like this, but just don't have the budget to do so. ;-)

-Eric the Green Eyed

Deep South Reader said...


rolf said...

Eric, this is the first Bible that I have had rebound, and it will have to last me for awhile! But I have to say that this one was worth it! I use this Bible at least two times a day everyday, and it is so much more comfortable holding it to read.

TS said...

Based on the attractive photos looks like you made an excellent choice!

Eric Barczak said...


I understand completely. I have a couple that would go to Leonard's in a heartbeat if I had the extra budget (old Knox, Jerusalem, and a smaller Confraternity right off the bat). Best I have now is a Tan Books Douay and the bonded leather RSV-2CE that I got for like $24 at

Jonny said...

That's beautiful, Rolf! I think the Bible rebind is the way to go for Catholics wanting a premium leather Bible. First, you pick your favorite book block (format/translation), then you pick your favorite cover material (leather type/style), and then choose from a number of styles, including hardback! And the icing on the cake: your choice of imprinting and ribbons!

Of all the above wonderful options I can decide on exactly none of the above!

Dave said...

Rolf, I'm impressed, so much so that I just sent my Oxford NABRE to Leonards after seeing yours. I'm also going with the extra thick cowhide. I instructed them to make the cover flexible (leatherette cover lining), ribs on the spine, and a 3/8" yapp. Once they receive the bible, they will call for my confirmation on the specifics of the order and provide the price. I can make any changes to my instructions at that time. I'm hoping you'll see my posting, because you indicated that the cover includes a "semi" yapp. When I asked Leonards about a "semi" yapp I was told that it could be 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", etc. If I were to guess, the yapp on yours looks like 1/2". Yours looks perfect; do you recall the yapp size you ordered?

I'm also hoping the flexible cover doesn't make it too floppy.

I keep adding to my Bible collection. So far, I have these:

NABRE Large Print (Oxford)
NAB in Tan Bonded Leather (St Jos)
NJB - "Big Blue" (Doubleday)
NJB - Standard in Bonded Leather (Doubleday)
Didache RSV-2CE in Hardcover Leather (Ignatius)
Catholic Study NT - Hahn in Bonded Leather (Ignatius)
Orthodox Study Bible in Soft Imitation Leather (Nelson)

rolf said...

Dave, I also ordered mine with the 3/8 yapp. The extra thick cowhide leather is soft and flexible and the extra thickness of the leather keeps it from being floppy. I recently had my Oxford Catholic Study Bible ( which is a heavy Bible) rebound at Leonard's in the 'cherry bomber' extra thick cowhide leather and it handles the size and weight of that Bible very well, and what a pleasure it is to hold that Bible now! Dave you will enjoy your Bible all the more with your new cowhide cover!

Dave said...

Thanks Rolf. I ordered mine with the 'Distressed Walnut' extra thick cowhide, two burgundy and one gold ribbons. However, once they call, I'm going to change the order in favor of the 'Cherry Bomb' cowhide. I sent my Didache bible to another bindery for an "Olive Italian Cowhide" flexible cover so am waiting for that one also. It'll be interesting to see how the two leather binderies compare, but I expect they will both be excellent quality.

rolf said...

Dave the 'cherry bomber is a beautiful leather, maybe you compare them both on a guest post on this blog? Talk to Timothy.