Monday, February 10, 2014

Audio "7 Questions" with Fr. Larry Richards

A special note of thanks to Fr. Larry Richards for agreeing to do this audio edition of "7 Questions" on the importance of Scripture, daily reading of the Bible, and the new OSV Catholic Men's Bible.  A special thanks to Mary Therese for helping to facilitate this interview.  For more on what Fr. Larry is doing, head on over to The Reason for Our Hope Foundation website.  


rolf said...

This movie looks good to me. I know when you scrutinize any movie about Jesus and the Bible, you find things you don't agree with or you wish that they would have portrayed differently. But the mini series 'The Bible' got a lot of people talking about God and Christianity again. I think this will expand on that, and ultimately that is a good thing in this social media driven society!

rolf said...

Oops, I posted on the wrong thread, I meant to put this in 'The Son of God' movie review by Cardinal Wuerl!?! I hate getting older!