Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Views of the The New African Bible Compact Edition


Anonymous said...

And these New African Bibles use the text of the NABRE? I thought I read that somewhere.


Timothy said...

Yes, it is the NABRE.

Anonymous said...


Are the notes the same as in the NABRE only with an African twist added to them or is there an entirely different set of notes? I'm really curious about this Bible and am seriously considering buying one.


Timothy said...

If you get the full edition you will find that while there are some notes specifically for an African audience, the majority of them are exegetical and can be appreciated by any Catholic. Make sure to get the standard hardbound edition. The compact only had limited notes and no cross-references.

Gerald Champion said...

Without reading this bible yet I'm glad that finally one will be able to read the NABRE without its problematic notes. It makes me wonder if the USCCB is perhaps fishing.

Since the ultimate goal of the next and hopefully final revision of the NAB will be a bible that is able to be used for devotional reading--study--and also exactly match the lectionary during mass--maybe the bishops want to see what reaction Catholics have to the NABRE with different notes.

I'm sure they have heard the criticism of the notes over the years and probably they object to at least some of the notes in the NABRE.

If you don't like the text of the NABRE now--and I'm one of those people--just changing the notes doesn't change the text but at least maybe the notes won't be objectionable and at any rate I'd like to read the New African Bible just to increase my knowledge about African views of the bible.

The bible might also be a good vehicle when it comes to evangelizing the African American community who are not Catholic.

I would urge all Catholics to read the The New African bible and if they like some of the notes in it better than those in other editions of the NABRE to convey this to their local bishops.

We should all do whatever we can--and I know that is not much--to make the next revision of the NAB the best it can be!