Monday, September 11, 2017

Freshmen Bible Day


Anonymous said...

...surprised no one commented about the St. Mary's College Study Bible in the picture. I bought 2 about a month ago after reading the post about the sale of $5.00 per Bible (can't remember the site). I just sent one away to Leonard's to be rebound in American West III (light tan). I was very impressed with this Bible & all the extras in it (extra introductions, many, many good pictures of the Holy Land, & many useful charts).
I went through R.C.I.A. this past year & we used the NAB-RE Catholic Answers Bible. My sponsor preferred the old NAB & this Bible is the old NAB. This is the only old NAB I've ever seen available to purchase "new."
Is this picture from an actual "Freshman Bible Day"? It looks old because of the Hobbit movie poster.

Timothy said...

Yes, I teach high school students and today they received their bibles. We start the year reading the Hobbit as a way of getting them ready for their new adventure in high school.

And yes, it is a really good bible. Love the margins.