Monday, July 24, 2017

Confraternity Bible Online

Someone may have posted about this earlier, but I can't remember.  Jim, from an online forum I don't frequent much anymore, sent me a message alerting me to this.  I only saw his message a couple days back.  So, if you are looking for the Confraternity Bible online, follow this link.  It also has the 1942 commentary.


James McColgan said...

Hi Timothy, you can read the whole confraternity bible online here's;view=1up;seq=12;skin=mobile

James McColgan said...

On it have footnotes in Old Testament and New Testament 1942 commentary.

Timothy said...

Thanks James!

James McColgan said...

No problems, happy to help. There are another Catholic translations online like Jerusalem Bible (not New Jerusalem), Ronald Knox version, the Douay Rheims (not Challoner version) and Christian Community Bible Catholic version I have links if anyone here's trying to look for that I'm happy to help and will give you links. God bless

James McColgan said...

Catholic Bible translations online:

*the Confraternity Bible 1962;view=1up;seq=13;skin=mobile

*the Jerusalem Bible

*the New Jerusalem Bible

*the Christian Community Bible

*the Douay Rheims(Original)

And another link

*the Douay Rheims Challoner

*the Knox Bible

*Vulgate-Douay-Knox parallel compare translations

*the RSVCE (original RSVCE 1965)

*the RSVCE (hybrid rsv 1971 with rsvce 1965- I could be wrong here, not sure. See Luke Chapter 1 verse 34 the Blessed Virgin says how shall this be, since I have no husband. In RSVCE 1965 it says how can this be, since I have no husband etc)

*the RSVCE revisions compared


*the Good News Translation Catholic

*the NABRE Bible

And another

*the NAB Bible ( pre-NABRE )

Jason said...

You should rephrase the title to "Confraternity New Testament" ... since the OT makes up 75% of the Bible, I think it's a bit misleading to say "Confraternity Bible" when its just the New Testament