Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Listen to him!

"During this week of Easter it would do us good every day to read a passage from the Gospel which speaks of the Resurrection of Christ." -Pope Francis via @Pontifex 4/18/17


Ed Rio said...

Good advice! Probably the easiest way would be the daily Gospel reading for Mass.

Erap10 said...

Totally good advice!

Erap10 said...

That being said, analyzing the details of all the accounts really help to shed light on the intended messages of the authors. It is very interesting to analyze the account given by St. Matthew. Very apocalyptic! According to St. Matthew, the women came not to anoint the body but to "see" the tomb. Could it be that St. Matthew was hinting that the women not only understood but BELIEVED Jesus' earlier statements of his rising versus the other disciples (which would mean that they were in the company of the Twelve in chapter 16, 17 or 20)? Or is it that he was hinting at the fact that the women were coming to further mourn?

Interesting! Interesting!