Friday, February 17, 2017

Guest Review: Oxford Notre Dame NRSV-CE

Thank you to Rolf for this short guest review!  I have a similar edition, without the ND affiliation, in burgundy leather.  You can see that review here.

I saw this NRSV Bible on the Fans of the NRSV facebook group. It is published by Oxford University Press for Notre Dame and is sold through the Notre Dame bookstore.

It is a Catholic edition (Anglicanized) and has a navy blue genuine leather cover with a gold ND seal on the front cover. It is a nice size: 8 1/4 x 6 inches and has a well spaced approx. size 9 print. The text block appears to be sewn and has one gold ribbon marker. The paper though thin, controls bleed through very well.
This Notre Dame edition has 64 in text maps and 12 graphs in text. It has a concordance and a list of the Sunday and Weekday readings for Mass. Though it does not have references.  The cost is $75.00.  

This will be a Bible I will take to seminars and next weeks Religious Congress!

You can purchase this edition, via the ND Bookstore, here.  


Anonymous said...

In accessing the Notre Dame book store site, I enlarged the image of the box for this bible, and, in part, it reads:
Table of Sunday and Weekday Readings from the Canadian Lectionary.



rolf said...

That is probably because the verse numbers are different in many places (especially in the psalms) between the NAB based US Lectionary and the NRSV based Canadian Lectionary.

Eric Barczak said...

That's purdy...

rolf said...

I have found page wrinkling near the gutter of this Bible which goes down into the text in several places. I was thinking of exchanging it, but a person on the NRSV fan group on Facebook related that in his experience with older NRSV Bibles, he would not be surprised if Notre Dame's whole stock might be effected. So I am trying to decide whether to return it or keep it. The size of this Bible, the readable text, the 64 in text maps, genuine leather binding and in a Catholic edition make it hard to replace!

rolf said...

Sadly, I have sent this Bible back to ND! I really like this Bible but there were too many creased pages, very distracting. :-(