Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bible Poll: Which Bible Deserves a Premium Edition?

Which Catholic Bible Needs to Come in a Premium Edition?
New Jerusalem Bible
The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition
New Community Bible
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Jerry Mc Kenna said...

I don't know about premium, but I would like a no-nonsense Bible that can take real use. I don't care about leather, but I do care about a good binding. I have an Oxford dictionary from the 1950s. I've owned it for 10 years and I used it every day when I'm reading. Too many Catholic Bibles look as if they are designed as gifts and not books to be read. I want a book that will last.

Anonymous said...

I would love an RSC2CE 6.5x9, single column, journal column on each oage with Dore illustrations on facing page of referenced Scripture

rolf said...

The NABRE deserves a premium edition considering that it is one of the most widely used translations in use by Catholics in the US!

Jerry Mc Kenna said...

I would certainly hope the NABRE gets a premium version.
As an aside, I've was looking to purchase a Bible and the local Wal-Mart doesn't carry any Catholic versions. The local Barnes and Noble only carried the Oxford Catholic Study Bible. A bit of a shame.

Anonymous said...

Would very much like to see the NAB-RE as well as RSV-CE available in a standard size (6"x9" or 8.5"x5.5") premium edition in leather with...sewn binding, gilt page ends, two ribbons, single column format (like the Knox or RSV-CE pocket), elegant traditional serif style font, minimalistic maps with topography/terrain included,...and no art included - just God's Word, notes and maps. I like the idea of adding artwork to The Bible (maybe Byzantine style illustrations), but not in my everyday premium go-to. God bless you all.
- eric s.

Cody Cotton said...

I feel your pain Jerry. If it weren't for the Internet, I'd still be reading out of the red paper-back NABRE from St. Jerome Press that my priest gave me before Confirmation.

I haven't voted yet though. I can't decide! The NABRE WOULD be nice, but the RSV-2CE is pretty cool too. Hmm...

Biblical Catholic said...

What the Knox Bible really needs is an e-book or audiobook edition!

Herbert Dulzo said...

Not sure what the question means. What do you mean by premium? Gold leaf cover. I got a very nice nab from usccb. I consider premium. I know there is a company selling a very expensive D R. But what's the point?

Eric Barczak said...

Well technically there is a premium version of the Douay:

Welcome back Tim!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a readers edition of the RSV-CE, single column format, without doctrinal notes, and with premium leather binding. I have a beautiful ESV, single column format from Crossway. It's about time that we have beautiful premium bibles.