Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Online Vulgate-Douay-Knox Resource

This link will take you to a new site which has the Clementine Vulgate, Douay-Rheims, and Knox in parallel columns with possible search functions.  Looks like a great resource, which includes both the Douay and Knox notes.  I wonder if Baronius is involved in this?

Yes, it appears that this page, which has the look of something Baronius would do, is indeed from them.  Copyright listed as: 2015 © CatholicBible.online, Baronius Press

Catholic Bible Online

Thanks to Charles for sharing this info with me!


Biblical Catholic said...

Baronius should sponsor an e-book edition, and get it on YouVersion for use with the Bible app, and get it back on Biblegateway.

Timothy said...


Agree with you completely. Removing it from Biblegateway was a mistake. Putting it on the YouVersion would be very good too. I use it often.

James Ignatius McAuley said...

Tim, I do not have any disappointment with this site and I am grateful that you posted it. I have bookmarked it as it has become one of my go-to bibles for catechetics. I know you or others will push the NABRE, but since I have spent the last two years soaking up patristic works, especially Origen and Jerome) it is easier to use a bible that is closer to what the father's used. For example, there is nothing worse than trying to read the beginning of Genesis with John Chrysostom and having the NABRE as your bible. Once you hit the wind over the water instead of the Spirit of God over the waters, the NABRE loses me.

But in any event, I like this because it reminds of Origen's Hexapla. I would suggest if possible that the old Confraternity text be added as a third option. I have a similar book on the Apocrypha and it is very useful.

Jeff Burden said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing it!

Timothy said...

Isn't it? I'm am very happy to see this. They should do an app next.

Timothy said...

Confraternity would be a nice edition. Good to hear from you! Hope Fr. Peter is doing well.

Jeff S. said...

James Ignaitus McAuley, and Timothy,
I fully concur with hoping that
Baronius will come out with a Confraternity edition.
The only question would be whether it should be the
final completed 1969 version which is impossible to find,
or a "classic" pre-1955 version which would have some of the
Old Testament still be the Old Douay-Rheims, with
the Psalms starting with "Blessed" rather than "Happy".
I love the fact that all Confraternity editions have the
1941 New Testament which is translated from the Vulgate.

Part of Baronius's decision making process might be the fact
that they already have published complete editions of the
old Douay-Rheims. And the more important constraint might be
that the USCCB might have the "rights" to the Confraternity and
would forbid any new publication of it since they wouldn't want
any competition for their NABRE.

Timothy said...


Add your helpful comment to the Confraternity poll I created above.

John Francis Frederick Manlapig said...

Three things...
1. I hope someone comes up with an ebook of the Knox Bible and/or the Confraternity translation.
2. I also hope either of them could be on YouVersion, and make them available offline.
3. A Baronius edition of the Confraternity edition? Well, Sinag-Tala made both the whole bible and the NT available locally. The NT is great, because it is portable and conveniently sized and formatted. But the whole bible is way tooooooo bulky. My spiritual director in the seminary had an old copy of the Confraternity bible which has the right size and thickness. I also saw a Knox bible in the seminary library which is similarly sized. If Baronius will come up with that, size will really really matter.

Jeff Burden said...

Hey Tim, you don't have to approve this message. I just wanted to let you know the link on your sidebar to this website is missing the colon so it makes a dead link.


Timothy said...


Fixed. Thank you!