Saturday, February 20, 2016

Knox on the Old Testament

"We mustn't think of the Old Testament as an awkward fact which we've got to get over somehow, hush it up if possible because it is so difficult to make propaganda out of it.  It's the lock into which the key of the Incarnation fits, and if you begin the Bible with St. Matthew, it makes a mutilated story." -The Hidden Stream


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Jason P said...

I spend more time reading the Old than the New. The Old Testament is the source and foundation of the New. It is impossible to have the New without the Old.

Saint Msgr Knox, pray for us and modern Biblical scholars!

Ed Rio said...

Another reason I think the Liturgy of the Hours is such a gift: the Psalms, canticles, and other Old Testament readings have stirred up a desire to read the Old Testament more. To know the OT more is to have a deeper knowledge of Jesus.