Monday, January 11, 2016

What Are You Reading?

We are now almost two weeks into 2016.  Some of you may be reading a new Bible that you got over the Christmas holidays or maybe there are some of you who have embarked on a Bible reading plan for the new year.  So, consider this an opportunity to share what you are up to, in regards to Bible reading, for 2016.  I am always eager to read these comments from you, my lovely readers!


rolf said...

I am reading: 'The One Thing is Three' by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC and 'God Sent his Son' by Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn. I am also reading through the New Testament beginning to end using the T&L audio NT, and following along with the Didache Bible (pausing to read the study notes).

Max said...

I finished reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church from cover-to-cover on December 31st, and now I've started it all over again. Ten paragraphs a day, and I'll finish in September or October.

I just finished Peter Kreeft's "Jesus-Shock" yesterday. Incredible book, so much so that I ordered six more copies for a few dollars apiece off AbeBooks to distribute to people who could benefit from a little Jesus-Shock in their lives.

As far as Bibles go, I'm still eagerly awaiting the completion of the Bibliotheca project at long last. Until then, I've committed to a OBOY plan: thirty minutes a day from my rebound Didache NABRE. And so far, I've made it ten days straight, so things are looking pretty good. I read four chapters a day last year and finished the entire Bible in mid-November, but I decided to read for at least thirty minutes a day this year and am already 25% through Exodus (and that's including the book intros and both sets of notes!). I may finish this Bible a few months sooner than anticipated, but no worries, I've got an ICSB New Testament and CCSS Revelation that need reading.

Anonymous said...


Reading Thomas Merton's Seven Storey Mountain (again) along with Father Jonathan Morris' book The Promise--an oldie but goodie. As for daily bible reading am using the yearly arrangement from CHRseources. It also include reading selections from the Catechism. My go to bible is the Didache NABRE.

Lenny V

Christopher Buckley said...

Since the extended two-year Daily Office lectionary started over with Gen 1 today for Ordinary Time, I'm reading it in the RSV-2CE using the Ignatius / Lighthouse Catholic Study Bible app, and looking up the cross references to the Catechism in each Ignatius Study Bible commentary note.

Also, about to finish Fr. Thomas Keating's "The Better Part."

Timothy said...

I have been reading Merton pretty steadily for almost two years. Need to read a bit more from Keating.

TS said...

Reading "A Year with the Church Fathers" by Mike Mike Aquilina via the Verbum app (i.e. Logos Software).

Anonymous said...

As far as spiritual reading is concerned, I'm currently reading; St. Silouan the Anthonite by Archimandrite Sophrony, and being an Oblate, The Rule of St. Benedict, which is structured so that the Rule is read three times a year. Plus, the Lives of the Saints by Rev. Hoever and the LOTH.

As far as the Bible is concerned, right now I'm using all of the resources I've accumulated on Olive Tree and taking a more in depth look at shorter sections of the New Testament. I'm also listening to Leviticus as I make my through the Old Testament, using the audio portion of the app.


Mark DeForrest said...
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Anonymous said...

I am still at my RSV-2CE (or the Ignatius) Bible, paperback edition. Though I am awaiting for my leather version of the same volume. Right now, I am already at the Gospel of John, and I aim to finish the Gospel before Lent comes. I plan to be in sync with the liturgical readings for Lent. And will continue with Acts for the Eastertide.

Alejandro Sanchez said...

I'm reading the Oxford RSV-CE Bible that was provided by you! Currently reading the 1 book of Maccabees.

-Your lovley reader,

Steve said...

Having just finished a year with the Knox Bible, loved it, I've returned to the Douay Rheims for this year. I like to read through one translation per year, and it seem no matter what version I read, I always return to the DR. I think deep down it truly is my favorite.

Other than that, I'm re-reading the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Two absolute favorites that I have not read through in many years. It helps that I have gorgeous leather bound editions of each that I received as gifts many years ago!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I am reading from the NJB study edition I received as a Christmas gift.


Anonymous said...

Karl Keating or Fr. Thomas Keating? If the latter, in re centering prayer, in the immortal words of the gun bearer in the old Tarzan movies: "Bad juju, Bwana!" New Age is not a good age.

Peter Brennan

Ed Rio said...

Back from a struggle with whether to remain Catholic or not. (Long story dealing with church closing and no one seeming to want to bring Communion to shut-ins and their caregivers.)

Keeping it simple by setting a goal of 3 chapters of the Bible a day (Oxford NABRE Large Print...a blessing to have!), or at least regularly, and praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

Anonymous said...

@ Ed Rio

As a former Protestant I must say I pray and hope you stay Catholic; becoming a Catholic is the greatest blessing of my life! Even if those around us don't live the Faith; let us!


Ed Rio said...

I'm trying to. There are some important things that keep me around/coming back. :)