Wednesday, November 25, 2015

USCCB NABRE Personal Gift Sale

Thanks to Christ for this additional bit of info on the USCCB sale of their new NABRE's:


Michael Demers said...

Better watch the shipping. It starts at $14 something and it goes on up from there.

Kent G. Hare said...

I don't know if anyone else experienced this, but in trying to redeem this offer I found the shipping to be outrageous, by far negating the savings purported to be awarded by means of the discount. Thanks, but no thanks; IF I decide to purchase this Bible, which was to be for a Christmas gift, I'll find it at a more fair price.

Anonymous said...

And to think they told me I was getting a 40% discount because I did so well on their Bible Quiz.
Oh well, I wasn't going to buy one anyway. ;-)


Christopher Buckley said...

That's how I got mine.
I just shared the link they sent me. :-)

Timothy said...

That is ridiculous!

Christopher Buckley said...

It's called a marketing campaign, people. Take a breath. ;-)

Wise as serpents, gentle as doves and all that.