Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bibles/Commentaries for Sale

I am in the process of cleaning out and reorganizing my (small) library of Bibles and commentaries and have decided to get rid of a few of them.  I was initially thinking of putting them on ebay or amazon, but figured I would see if any one of you would be interested.  I will list them below, along with a few pictures, and suggested donation (including shipping).  If you are interested in them, please send me an email, mccorm45(at)yahoo(dot)com.  Each item is in good to very good condition.

JPS Torah Commentary (complete) $55

Biblia Sacra (Vulgate) Stuttgart (2 Volumes) $20-30

Biblia Hebraica Kittel - $10-15

ICSB OT Volumes (Genesis, Exodus, Job, & Proverbs, Eccle., Song) $15


rolf said...

After that you can come over to my house and help clear out my pile!

Anonymous said...

Hello Timothy,

A great offer! I was tempted by the JPS but unfortunately, money and space and book weight - I have a bad back - dictate against it.

While looking I was curious to know how you liked Von Rad's Genesis Commentary?


Timothy said...


I like the Von Rad's commentary. In some ways, it is a classic.

If money is an issue for the JPS, just email me how much you can afford or are willing to offer. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Timothy,

Thank you for the offer. If it was only the money, I would probably take you up on it but there are other things involved. A while back, I made a decision to transition away from physical books and go digital as much as I can. Mostly because I got tired of being burnt by the tiny font sizes that are often found in commentaries and study bibles, but also because I've really come to appreciate how easy it is to use bible software and ebooks for reading and studing about the things I'm interested in. And as I said, I have a bad back, no more big books for me.

Having said that, I know you're going to get an nice offer on those because they're a steal. If not here, someone on Amazon will snap them up.


Bill Mureiko said...

Hi, do you still have the Torah commentary?


Timothy said...


I do. Are you interested? Send me an email mccorm45(at)yahoo(dot)com

Samuel Ooi Church Ooi said...

are the JPS Torah commentaries still with you? I am in Hong Kong. Interested.