Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Bible Giveaway

Happy Summer to you!  Every so often I feel the need to giveaway many of the Bibles I have obtained over the years.   The truth is that I continue to have too many Bibles and need to focus on the ones that I actually read.  Or should I say, the one or two that I actually read.  So, below you will find a list of Bibles, all of which are in good-very good condition.  For the most part, there is no writing or highlighting in them*.  All of these Bibles are free.  Yes, free. 

*The older, used Bibles listed, like the Douay and Confraternity have names written in the back cover along with the family register section.

However, there are conditions:
1) 1 Bible per person
2) You must email me with your one request.  First come, first serve.  Only email me if you actually want the Bible, since there were a few last time around who never collected the one they requested.
3) You pay for shipping.  My humble Catholic high school theology teacher salary won't allow me to ship all these out to you for free.  So, depending on the size, I am asking for $5-10 for each item shipped.  I think that is reasonable.  If you desire to send more as a donation, I will always accept that as well!  :)
4) Shipping must be only to an address in the US or Canada.  When I have shipped to outside North America in the past, it has cost me well over $20.
5) I will send out your package once I receive shipping costs. 

The Bibles and a Missal:
1) Early 20th Century leather Douay-Rheims (w/large yapp) John Murphy Company
2) Oxford compact KJV NT and Psalms (0426X) East India Calf Binding
3) Bonded leather New Jerusalem Bible (Doubleday)
4) Hardcover Confraternity-Douay OT/Confraternity NT (1963) Catholic Book Publishing
5) HarperOne Catholic Gift Bible NRSV-CE burgundy imitation leather
6) CTS Sunday Missal according to Third Edition of Roman Missal (Uses adapted Jerusalem Bible) Hardcover
7) Ignatius Press RSV-CE Compact Bible (zipper) bonded leather
8) Hardcover NRSV-CE Catholic Bible Press


Edgardo Laurel said...

Ignacio's RSV CE compact zippered bible-

Timothy said...


Please email me with your name and address. I will give you my address so that you can send the shipping/donation cost. When received, I will send out Bible.

Anonymous said...


As my eyes are weary, I could not locate your e-maila address, to communicate which Bible I would be more than happy to receive (and pay shipping cost for).


HarperOne Catholic Gift Bible NRSV-CE burgundy imitation leather

Remains available, I would appreciate the consideration.

If this is not available, then I would ask for this one:

CTS Sunday Missal according to Third Edition of Roman Missal (Uses adapted Jerusalem Bible) Hardcover.

One or the other would be wonderful. If neither, no fret. Thank you, in both cases, for your kind offer.


Timothy said...

mccorm45 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Let me know in the email which one you want.

Mark in Spokane said...

Part of the problem is that we don't really have a "standard Catholic Bible" in English. The RSV and NRSV in their various forms are not really suitable -- they are great translations but they come out of the KJV tradition, which isn't a Catholic one. The NAB and NABRE aren't really ready for prime time yet -- the NABRE is yet again undergoing revision to bring it nto conformity with Church readings of key texts and to fix the NT (again!). So, we are still 10 years about from a Revised NABRE or whatever they are going to call it (NABRE 2.0?). The JB and NJB are too idoscincratic and British for regular American use. New English & Revised English Bibles never caught on (although I love the NEB, it was never more than a niche translation here in the US).

Anonymous said...

Haha, you just gave out the RSV-CE Compact Zipper just recently.
Didn't noticed that, Tim.

But anyways, I am not covered with the geographical area, as it is always the case. Well, I managed to purchase my own, pre-ordered at the American price converted to Philippine peso without any additional charges, only that I'll wait for 2-3 months before claiming it. Not bad.