Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Ronald Knox Book from Catholic Answers

From our friends at the Ronald Knox Society of North America:

Here's some good news: Catholic Answers has published a beautiful new volume of 6 forgotten Knox sermons and essays. The book will be off the press in April but is available for pre-order.

Included in this volume:
1. The Essentials of Spiritual Unity
2. Proving God
3. The Rich Young Man
4. Nazi and Nazarene
5. The Beginning and End of Man
6. On English Translation (Romanes Lecture)

This is a handsome hardback with high-quality paper, old-style wide margins, clean typography, an ex libris plate, and a sewn-in satin ribbon. Plus a forward by Karl Keating.

It sounds like a "must have" for Knox fans!

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Russ said...

What Owen said yesterday, I repeat verbatim:

This blog is evil. It's a constant near occasion to sin ;-) LOL and I will simply have to keep laughing because my wallet simply must keep its mouth shut.