Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bible Giveaway!

Every so often I feel the need to giveaway many of the Bibles I have obtained over the years.  While sometimes the person behind this desire is my wife, and rightly so I might add, this time, however, it was clearly the person of the Holy Spirit that has been my inspiration.  I have too many Bibles and need to focus on the ones that I actually read.  So, below you will find a list of Bibles, all of which are in very good condition.  There is no writing or highlighting in them.  There are almost a dozen Bibles on the list, and I might add to it as we go.  All of these Bibles are free.  Yes, free.

However, there are conditions:
1) 1 Bible per person
2) You must email me with your one request.  First come, first serve.
3) You pay for shipping.  My humble Catholic high school theology teacher salary won't allow me to ship all these out to you for free.  So, depending on the size, I am asking for $5-10 for each item shipped.  I think that is reasonable.  If you desire to send more as a donation, I will always accept that as well!  :)
4) Shipping must be only to an address in the US or Canada.  When I have shipped to outside North America in the past, it has cost me well over $20.
5) I will send out your package once I receive shipping costs.

The list:
Novum Testamentum NT (Vulgate/Rheims) (Loreto) 
NABRE St Joeseph's Personal (zipper) burgundy bonded leather (CBP)
NJB bonded leather (Doubleday)
Didache RSV-2CE hardcover (Ignatius)
NRSV Notetakers (Oxford)
KJV NT and Psalms (Oxford 0426x) (vintage)
NEB Study Bible w/ apocrypha hardcover (Oxford)

REB w/apocrypha (Oxford/Cambridge) hardcover 
CEB NT Paperback
RSV-CE hardcover compact (Oxford)
ICSB paperback (Ignatius)
RSV-2CE NT and Psalms (Ignatius)

First Communion Bible/The New American Bible (White Bonded Leather)
Saint Joseph Textbook Edition/ Confraternity Version


Anonymous said...

No doubt a good example to others of us.
Thank you Timothy.

owen swain said...

There are some serious titles in there.

As I've mentioned before, no doubt, it was such a blessing and a release when I did this very thing about a year ago now.

May these treasures find those people who most need and best benefit from the gift. I'm won't be taking one but happily cheer others on and pray you, Timothy, will be blessed.

owen swain said...

P.S. I see you and I have had not a few of the same titles.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Easter treat!
Too sad I'm in the Philippines...

Stuart Dunn said...

Glad I saw this after most all were claimed, lest I be tempted to snag one. Agree with Owen's sentiments!

Tommy said...


I have two Bibles which I am happy to send (no cost to you) to good homes.

NAB 1991 Psalms, 1970 OT (Catholic World Press) Burgundy imitation leather, "Gift Bible" [good to very good condition, name on front page]

The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Revised Standard Version, Expanded Edition (1977) hardcover [very good condition, less than a dozen pages have notes on them, no name]

I think both of these are fairly common but if you or someone you know would get good use from them, they otherwise are rarely used by me. They will probably one day end up donated to the diocesan prison ministry if not claimed here!

email your address to tompodonnell at gmail.com if you're interested!

Happy Easter week to all.