Friday, April 17, 2015

A Little Fr. Raymond Brown


Anonymous said...

How true this quote is.
When reading the scriptures we need eyes to see, ears to listen,hearts and minds to obey.
So easy to stop at the first bit.
Thanks Tim.

Russ said...

What a great quote from a fantastic scholar. I've actually printed that out and am using it as a book mark.

rolf said...

I like Father Brown because he is not afraid to have an honest discussion about the Bible. I may not always agree with all his conclusions, but I can say that about most scholars! Unfortunately a lot of misinformation also gets published about him and his beliefs. There is a good book of his views on the Bible called: '101 Questions & Answers on The Bible' by Raymond Brown. In this book Father Brown doesn't shy away from any questions about Bible or his opinions on a variety of subjects related to the Bible.

Russ said...

Couldn't agree more with you. Both Paul VI and John Paul II apoointed him to the Pontidical Biblical Commission. He wrote a lot of those types of books you mentioned, small but packed with insight and easily understandable to the lay reader. He was a gem.

Anonymous said...

I have long wanted to ask a question here, and this gives me the perfect opening.

I read quite a bit some 15 years ago and found that my favourite scholars were Brown, Fitzmyer, Daniel Harrington, and to a lesser extent, John P Meier (though I particularly liked his small commentary on Matthew).

I've stopped reading for many years and no longer know the new generation of scholars.

With Frs. Brown and Harrington gone, I was wondering which younger Catholic scholars you think inherited their skills and (centrist) positions?

Help me sort out the new names, thanks?


Russ said...

John: I don't know if you're familiar with the series Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, but below is a link to their web site, along with the titles and scholars who did each individual work. This might be a start for you. IMHO, it's a terrific series of commentaries. Also, you might want to check out Ronald Witherup. Hope this helps.


Neil Short said...


Anonymous said...

Russ, thanks. I am aware of the CCSS. My impression was that it was at a lower level of scholarship than what I'm interested in. (I could be wrong here). I am interested in the same level as the Sacra Pagina series and even the Anchor Bible series.

I will check out Ronald Witherup. Hadn't heard of him before. Thanks