Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pre-Lent Contest

We are a couple weeks away from beginning the holy season of Lent.  As a way to prepare for those 40 Days, I am happy to offer a contest for my readers who live in North America.  The winner will receive a pretty fantastic prize pack.

If selected you will receive the following three items, which should could them you busy well beyond Lent:

1) Hardback edition of The Didache Bible: Ignatius Bible Edition (Ignatius Press/MTF)

2) On Englishing the Bible by Ronald Knox (Baronius Press)

3) Turning Around: Daily Lenten Reflections with The Message (ACTA)

Rules for the contest:
 1) If you have a website or blog or are active on Facebook, please announce this contest. If you don't, that is OK. You can still enter the contest.

 2) Please enter your name in the comment section of this blog post and tell me, in one sentence, what Lent means to you.  I, along with my wife, will choose one winner from all the entries.  The conclusion of the contest will be on Sunday February 8th at 11:59 PM.

3) I will announce the winner on the following Monday or Tuesday. The winners must contact me, via email, within a week with their full name and address.

 4) One entry per person.

 5) Contest is only available to those who live in North America.

Thank you to the generous people at ACTA and Baronius Press for providing their items for this contest.


Anonymous said...

To me, Lent is a time of preparing oneself for the resurrection of our Lord. We fast and abstain to purify ourselves of worldly attachments so that we may receive the Gospel with all our hearts and minds.

Max B

Ed Rio said...

Lent is a time for me to took a good look at myself, the vows of Baptism, and see what needs prayer and action.

Ed Rio

Dennis said...

Thanks for these contests! Lent is a time for reflection on the Lord's plan in my life and a yearly reset on my way of thinking and acting.

citizen DAK said...

Lent is a deeply joyful season of intensifying my conversion toward Jesus, (by prayer fasting and alms).

SHALOM, from citizenDAK!

Erica McCrea said...

Jesus asks us to "watch with [Him] one hour," and Lent is that time of watching with our Lord in Gethsemane, of sharing with Him in His Passion.

Don't ever ask an English Major to write one sentence. It will be long... Haha!

Have an awesome Lent!

Geoffrey Miller said...

My name's Geoffrey Miller.

Lent means shedding my fallen humanity to accept the divinity that's freely offered through the gracious sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Tim said...

The number 40 often represented a time of testing. The 40 days of Lent mirror the 40 years of Israel's testing in the desert, recapitulated by Christ during his 40 days in the wilderness. It is a time of testing, of trial, and unlike Christ and much like Israel probably a time of some failures along the way. At the end of that number 40 is the promised land, the resurrection. At the end of that number 40 is Jesus, glorified, in the flesh, whom I long for with all my heart.

That is what it means to me.

My name is Tim Hollingworth


Sarah Prewara said...

My name is Jason Prewara. To me, Lent means turning from the world and embracing God. Lent is about showing God that He is number one in your life, above all else.

I am going to link this contest on my FB also, if you need the link let me know

Anonymous said...

Lent is tearing down the false barriers between our worship and our lives--the kids at school asking what the black smudge on your forehead is, someone in the breakroom asking why you've hardly been eating, and then discovering that the grace and joy of Sunday has come in and filled every crevice.

Anonymous said...

To me, Lent is navigating the "desert" (that is, the world) and overcoming our temptations-to learn from our mistakes, and to grow in spiritual maturity: to know and love God, to detest Satan and all that is evil.


Anonymous said...

For me, Lent is a time to seek deeper intimacy with Jesus, and to request from Him a special outpouring of grace through which I will engage with alacrity in heightened efforts at ongoing conversion which will disrupt my normal daily routines, reminding me to strive to spend myself in a relentless torrent of reckless self-giving love to God and others at every opportunity.

Walt B

Thadeus said...

This is Thadeus. Lent to me is going out into a deserted place in order to pray, that I might grow closer to the Father.

I fail pretty regularly and miserably at this, of course, but I shall begin again this year.

Cthulhu Joe said...

Lent for me means an increased time spent reflecting and acting upon the recorded words of John The Baptist concerning Jesus: "He must increase, but I must decrease." John 3:30

Joe Ross

David said...

For me, Lent is a time of renunciation of any attachment to self and sin I've developed over the past year, a resetting of my compass back to the true north of the crucified Lord.

Anonymous said...

For me Lent is a time of concrete action: to look at where I'm at in my journey, where I can do better, what's working and where I'm failing, and to make real world changes to get closer to our Lord.


HM said...

During Lent we emulate Our Lord, withdrawing to a figurative desert, in which through prayer, mortification and self-denial, our souls are better prepared to receive the gifts that come to us from His Passion, Death and Resurrection.