Thursday, January 22, 2015

Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol. 77, No.1/ January 2015

"Through Those Who Are Near to Me, I Will Show Myself Holy": Nahab and Abihu and Apophatic Theology
Gary A. Anderson

Who Is Like David?  Was David Like David?  Good Kings in the Book of Kings
Alison L. Joseph

"There is Hope for a Tree": Job's Hope for the Afterlife in the Light of Egytpian Tree Imagery
Christopher Hays

What is Truth?  Jesus, Pilate, and the Staging of the Dialogue of the Cross in John 18:28-19:16a
Sherri Brown

Acts 1:15-26 and the Craft of New Testament Poetry
Matthew G. Whitlock

A Christology of Incarnation and Enthronement: Romans 1:3-4 as Unified, Nonadoptionist, and Nonconciliatory
Matthew W. Bates

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