Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Saint John's Bible: Geneaology of Jesus in Matthew


rolf said...

I love illuminated Bibles! Every time you post something new about the St. John's Bible (or I see some thing online elsewhere or on TV), I bring my Gregorian edition of the Confraternity Bible (see past guest post for pictures) off the shelf for my morning readings. To me a nice illuminated Bible is like going into a church with beautiful stained glass windows, it enhances my spirituality! Now I wish that St. John's could come out with a single volume edition 9x6 inches or a little bigger (12x9) for under $100,000 better yet how about under $120.00? Now that would be nice!

Timothy said...


I have been hoping for something like that for years! Would be great! Remember this:

rolf said...

Yes, now I remember (its been a year already?) Boy that $120 was on the mark!