Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Great Bargain: The NRSV New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Loose-Leaf Edition

The NRSV NOAB w/ Apocrypha, Loose-Leaf Edition is massive, but if you are a teacher or Bible study leader it can be an amazing resource.  Right now, you can get it at for under $30.  I think the binder itself costs that much at most office supply stores.

Students, professors and general readers alike rely on the New Oxford Annotated Bible for its outstanding scholarship and trustworthy guidance to the world of the Bible. Now this excellent resource is available in study-friendly loose-leaf format. Featuring the full content of the standard study Bible with the added flexibility of loose-leaf, it also includes wide margins that offer ample room for making notes.

  • Complete NRSV text with the Apocrypha
  • Contributors from a wide range of traditions and backgrounds
  • Book introductions and annotations offer helpful explanations, background, and insights. 
  • Essays on the major divisions of the biblical text and the formation of the biblical canon
  • Explanations of the Bible’s historical background provide guidance through the ancient Near Eastern context
  • Clarifies the varieties of biblical criticism with guidance to developments in scholarly research
  • A timeline of major events in the ancient Near East
  • A history of biblical interpretation, from biblical times to the present
  • In-text maps and diagrams
  • Concordance
  • Full index of the study material
  • Wide margins offer lots of room for notes
  • Clear 10-point type for ease of reading
  • Sturdy 11 x 11.5 x 5 inch five-ring binder
  • Durable 8.5 x 11 inch pages (fit any standard 3- or 5-ring binder)


David Garcia said...

Tim!!! I just got purchased it from for $21.99!!! Thank you SO MUCH for alerting us to this!! I have been wanting a loose leaf bible for awhile now but they are/were far and few between and too expensive. What a score! Thank you!!!

Russ NY said...

That is pretty cool. I had no idea something like this was available.

nancy john said...

Scholarship is so important for those learners who couldn’t afford expensive fees

GRE Analogy

Stuart Dunn said...

Super super tempted...

losabio said...

How would people generally use this? I can see that the wide margins and loose-leaf construction might free people up to write in the Bible; it seems to me that notes/highlights are super valuable when you run across them later on, or when you're trying to find a particular scripture and can visually pick out a highlighted block quickly. Both of these uses would require the marked-up Bible to be your main reading Bible though. Are folks using this giant binder as their main Bible? What am I missing/not imaginative enough to see? What are some more uses for this type of Bible?

Timothy said...

I would say, as a teacher, that having these sheets available to make copies of for my students will be invaluable. I could have them do exegesis or diagram/highlight a passage of scripture.

David Garcia said...

In addition to what Tim wrote, many Christians also keep spiritual/Bible journals and many do this using loose leaf binders.

They will read a portion of Scripture and then journal their experiences/thoughts/ideas/insights for that Scripture. If a 'traditional' journal is kept, like a notebook, it would be very hard to locate our thoughts on portions of Scripture later on down the line. By having this loose leaf binder, one can journal on loose leaf paper and then insert it in the binder where the Scripture is located. That way, in future readings, a person can easily find prior thoughts/musings.

I think it's an amazing way to capture longer writings and studies in regards to Scripture in one place.

Erica McCrea said...

Thank you, Tim. I just bought two—one for myself to use as a journaling and study bible, and one for a Baptist friend who is hoping to enter seminary. I am very excited to use this for studies at church and personal devotions. Now, off to the store for binders!

Jane Maurice said...

I'm interested for use as Bible Journaling. Sounds like it will work just right for that.

Jane Maurice said...

I see it as useful for my needs for Bible Journaling