Monday, November 17, 2014

Favorite Catholic Bible Publisher

In regards to fine quality Bibles, which is your favorite Catholic publisher?
Ignatius Press
Baronius Press
Catholic Book Publishing
Fireside Catholic Publishing
Oxford University Press
Saint Mary's Press
Saint Benedict Press
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rolf said...

It sure would be nice if Cambridge published a Catholic Bible! I voted for Oxford in this poll because of the Oxford Large print NABRE (that I had recoverd). The large print type in this Bible is very clear and easy to read.

Neil Short said...


Anonymous said...

A little off topic but does anyone recommend the NABRE from Oxford Press? It seems exactly what I'm looking for.

Leighton said...

First, as for Catholic Bibles, Oxford.

Anon, If you are speaking of the compact zipper edition, Nice little Bible if you are ok with bonded leather (although it seems a nice quality of BL). The type is VERY small (especially the notes) which is a challenge for forty-ish eyes, helped by reading glasses.

The Large Print genuine leather edition is very nice, though the leather (as has been mentioned elsewhere on Tim's blog) doesn't seem to have the same quality as, say, the older Catholic Study Bibles with genuine leather. But it's still good ne to have, especially for catechesis.

Neil Short said...

I have an Oxford compact. The supplementary notes are collected into little appendixes to each book. I thought I would like that; but I don't. It makes Biblical texts harder to find. If I am, say, looking for 1 Corinthians 1 and I open to Romans 16, it's just one page-turn over, right? Wrong. I have to thumb through several pages of notes. Having the notes in page footnotes is better.