Monday, November 3, 2014

Bible Edition Poll

Which Current Catholic Bible Translation Comes in the Best Printed Edition? (explain in comments)
Knox Bible
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rolf said...

I voted NRSV because my Cambridge NRSV Reference Bible (1997 edition) is still the nicest 'production model' Bible I own.
I still think is has the best paper of any Bible I have come into contact with. When you add in a French Morocco leather cover, very nice maps and a very useful glossary, you have a very nice Bible!

rolf said...

Oops, I just saw that the poll said Catholic edition Bible. That would be a tie for me, my NABRE 'Little Rock Catholic Study Bible' and my Oxford Large Print NABRE Bible.

Eric Barczak said...

Voted NAB/RE because of the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible. Would consider changing my vote pending a complete Ignatius Study Bible and/or the Didache Bible (since I think the translation itself is much better).

Jonny said...

It is practically a tie for all of them, Tim. I will say the leather RSV-2CE has an edge over the other (N)RSV-CE editions, retaining the cross-references of the original Thomas Nelson edition- and the paragraph headings are helpful as well. I am one who appreciates the decorative cover as it stands out from many other plain, blank cover Bibles I have.

So for me, it is a tie between the RSV-2CE and the Baronius hardcover DR. But for those who are currently into other translations, there are options available of similar quality. Note I did not include study notes as a primary factor above translation preference and astethics. This is because the best commentaries are currently available as seperate volumes or multi-volume sets... although I imagine some might choose a NJB or NABRE specifically for the additional annotations.

It would be interesting to see results this pole before and after the Didache Bible is released!

Dwight Spivey said...

I've got to give it to my Catholic Study Bible, Personal Edition:

You and I exchanged comments on Amazon regarding this edition, Timothy. :)

Timothy said...

Ha! That's funny.

Jay said...

I think the most elegant Bible I have is the Harper Catholic Bible NABRE, followed by the Harper NRSV Standard Edition (Catholic).

Timothy said...


Both of those are so close to being amazing editions. For the Harper NABRE, I just wish they had done a better job with the cover options. As for the NRSV, I love the page format. I am surprised they haven't done more with this edition. Both great examples!

Anonymous said...

Voted for RSV-2CE!

Beautifully laid out in an very nice quality paper.

Add to that very nice to read layout and reliable text. Something that I can have up to my senility.

rolf said...

Wow, the Knox Bible is running away in this poll!

Timothy said...


Sometimes I think, in the area of premium bibles that the Knox is our one solitary boast! :)

Eric Barczak said...

i think everyone voting for the Jerusalem Bible has one of the Morocco leather editions.

Not that I blame them-if I had one I probably would too.

Jason Engel said...

I would have to say the HarperOne NRSV Go-Anywhere Thinline Catholic Edition (9780062048356) is the best printed Catholic Bible currently available. Key phrase is "currently available" and I only exclude the Saint John's Bible's print edition only because it's unwieldy.

This Bible is perhaps the only Catholic NRSV in print today that uses the standard text rather than the Anglicized text (which I strongly dislike). The paper is good, white/bright, and fairly opaque for a cheap thinline. It is printed with line matching to minimize ghosting, and this combined with the sans-serif 9pt type makes it very readable (though I will say that the clean font is almost sterile). I do not normally like stiff bonded leather covers, but given the 9x6x1 size of the book this cover actually comes in quite handy for holding up a two-page spread for one-handed reading. My only real gripe with it is that the pages only come in silver gilt; I would greatly prefer an edition with gold gilt. As a text-only Bible, the uncluttered layout is wonderful for pure reading. The concordance is sufficient for casual use, the maps are black & white line drawings of little use.

There is a HarperOne Catholic NRSV gift Bible (and a HarperCollins edition as well), but both of those are only in the Anglicized editions, sadly.

All that said, I recently had the opportunity to explore Timothy's rebound Knox edition, and the single column layout and printing are very beautiful.

Jonny said...

Aesthetics considered alone, I have yet to see a single volume Bible more beautiful than the RSV-CE family Bible.

This edition is loaded with full color famous master's paintings, photographs, devotions, and more. One really has to see it in person to really appreciate how well done and bursting with extras it is. The text is generously sized and spaced without bleed through comapared to many cramped family Bibles I have seen. Top that off with a large geneology/sacramental records section printed on paper worthy of a calligraphy pen, and you have a wonderful family heirloom (available in black, ivory, and Divine Mercy image!)

Even though it has a generous dictionary in the back, the lack of even basic NT cross references kept it from getting my top vote on this particular poll. I do have vivid memories of my parents family Bible even from a very young age, especially the wonderful paintings depicting scenes from both testaments. I am happy to have a Catholic version for my own children to enjoy.