Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anybody have this NJB from DLT?

It is the NJB Standard Edition Leather from Darton, Longman, and Todd in the UK.  Is it hardcover leather, like many of Bibles produced by Baronius?

The New Jerusalem Bible is recognised as one of today’s most accurate, clear and modern translations, the fruit of long collaboration between leading biblical scholars.
This Standard Edition - bound in black leather on board, golden gilt page edges, head/tail bands with two ribbons and presented in a sturdy protective slipcase - presents the New Jerusalem Bible with comprehensive material designed for serious study of the scriptures.
It contains the full Bible, with special features for in-depth study:
• Extensive Footnotes to the text, plus a table of major footnotes
• Side-margin Cross-reference system
• Full-colour Maps and Diagrams, with index
• 20-page Chronological Table, detailing the historical context of biblical events
• An Index of Persons, with verse references
• Major scholarly Introductions to all the main groupings of books


Kent G. Hare said...

That's how I would read "black leather on board" in the description.

rolf said...

in the past, several years ago my Catholic book store had a couple of these brand new. I got a chance to look threw them. It is a hard cover wrapped leather. I think it had a couple of black ribbon markers. The cost was $125.00, they are nice.

Jonny said...

Here it is on Amazon:

Seems like a reasonable price to me, but I wish the original one was still available! The readers edition from DLT is nice, but it has limited notes and cross references.

rolf said...

The one that I saw was a deluxe version of the NJB hardcover that is currently available. It had the full notes and cross references and was the same except for the leather wrapped hard cover, the sewn binding, the ribbon marker and the gold gilt page edges.

Chez84 said...

Does the NJB Standard Edition come in single column or double column text format? I recently purchased the NJB Standard Edition (1985) published by DLT too

rolf said...

The NJB featured here as well as the Doubleday version, come in single column text format.