Monday, July 14, 2014

Why The Cross?

The meaning of Jesus's execution on a Roman cross is one of the most divisive issues in contemporary theological discourse because issues related to the goodness of God and the place of suffering in the Christian life are at stake. Although it is important to locate that discussion in the context of the range of New Testament perspectives on the soteriological significance of the cross, it is also important that we recover the meaning of the cross as a metaphor for discipleship. In the end, the event of Jesus’s death cannot be understood apart from the character of his life. This book will contribute to New Testament studies but also serve related discussions in theology and Christian formation.

Reframing New Testament Theology is a series that fulfills the need for brief, substantive, yet highly accessible introductions to central questions and themes raised by study of the New Testament. A significant defining question will serve as the point of departure and will frame the discussion. Students will be drawn into an active, theological engagement with the New Testament and related materials by the subsequent analysis.

Why the Cross? is due out in November from Abingdon Press. 

Donald Senior, C.P., is President Emeritus and Professor of New Testament Studies and President of Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, Illinois and member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.


Paul Tiseo said...

Awesome! I really like his Matthew commentary. Looking forward to this.

Stuart Dunn said...

Thanks for exposing me to this book, Tim. I thought I did a good job finding books people didn't know about, but you do a great job finding some gems too!

Timothy said...

No problem. The main reason I started this blog was simply to be informative to those who were looking for books like this. Thanks for being a faithful reader!

Anonymous said...

Is Fr. Senior the theologian behind the notes and intros in the NAB, primarily the one published by Catholic Book Publishing under the title "ST. Joseph Edition"? If so, doesn't Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI pretty much body slam his (Senior's) essentially complete reliance and resort to the Historic Critical method in the intro to "Jesus of Nazareth" pt.1?

Peter Brennan

Timothy said...


I don't believe Fr Donald was involved in the NAB, text or notes, in any way. His only connection would be that he is the main editor of the Catholic Study Bible, which utilizes the NABRE text.

I might also mention that Fr. Donald was reappointed to the Pontifical Biblical Commision in both 2006 and 2008 by Pope Benedict.