Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Aleteia Article on Dom Henry Wansbrough, OSB

Fr. Wansbrough is the main editor of the New Jerusalem Bible and member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.  The article discusses a bit about his life as well as his work on the NJB.

What does a world-famous scripture scholar do after returning from a biblical conference in South Africa? Are there texts to revisit, linguistic dictionaries to consult, or rare books to return to their home in the monastery library? Not exactly.

Last week, Dom Henry Wansbrough, OSB, was pushing a lawn mower on the grounds of Ampleforth Abbey in England after a long plane trip.  He regularly runs four or five miles. Decades ago, as captain of the rugby team at Ampleforth College, Fr. Henry commanded players on the nearby field. The football coach was Basil Hume, later Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. Now nearly 80, he continues to be intellectually, physically, and spiritually sound, writing copiously and teaching both university and high school.

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rolf said...

Well Timothy the next time you come home from teaching school and your exhausted, just think of Dom Wansbrough and... only 45 more years to go!

Eric Barczak said...

"The New Jerusalem Bible is used in the liturgy of much of the English-speaking world,"

Did I miss something? I thought it was the original JB that was being used?

Other than that, I found the article very insightful and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

Timothy said...

I get to come home to two kids! 2 and 3!

Timothy said...


I see people make that mistake all the time.

owen swain said...

Interesting. The one thing we all note, myself included is the perpetuation of misinformation. It's too bad because it does glaringly detract from the article.

On the website I added a comment:

""The New Jerusalem Bible is used in the liturgy of much of the English-speaking world, as well as being an excellent resource for biblical study at all levels." I have often heard that claim yet question its veracity. In Canada we have the NRSV. In the USA they have the NAB/NABRE. In the UK it is the Jerusalem not the NJB [at least in the UK lay Catholics have an edition of the bible, the CTS - a combo of the Jerusalem text and Grail, not Revised Grail, Psalms]. The Jerusalem not the NJB has been in use in Australia and area. Those countries comprise not a small portion of the English speaking world.

So, while I hear and see this claim made again and again on the Internet I have to wonder, does anyone fact check that claim first or just repeat it off existing sites? Help me out there. Thanks."

I won't be holding my breath.