Friday, April 11, 2014

NABRE OT Textual Notes are Now Available Online

Via the Catholic Biblical Association. They were compiled from the work of the original revisers and arranged by Joseph Jensen, O.S.B.

From the CBA:
Please note: To search these notes, two steps are needed: first search for the Old Testament book, then for the particular verse (colon between chapter and verse). Be sure you are at the text you are searching for, because there are many cross-references in these notes.  We hope to have soon a more sophisticated program provided by the USCCB.


Theophrastus said...

I notice that the very first sentence in this document has a typo: "origal."

Looking just a few lines down, I see another typo: "dittoraphy."

Another typo: "Pentateuck" (entry for Sam-MSS).

Sometimes the author spells "Massoretes" (see entry for K-or) and sometimes "Masoretes" (see entry for Q-OR).

Other typos on the first page including a space between the "i" and the "n" in "in" (LXX-Barb) and a missing parenthesis in the entry for "Qnt."

This is all just on page 1. Why even bother looking on later pages?

The incredible density of serious typographical errors leads me to believe that this particular document may not have been carefully checked. That is quite a serious charge when one is dealing with a document that purports to give detailed textual notes.

Timothy said...

Plus this is suppose to be representative of the CBA!