Monday, April 14, 2014

Christ in You!

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory: Part I from Renewal Ministries on Vimeo.


owen swain said...

Curious - what translation is the speaker using? I have tried to track it and unless he is doing a little own paraphrasing I cannot find it. It is clearly Acts 26:14ff but I cannot find his key verse, v16, in the wording he gives in the RSV{family}, ESV, the NABRE {unlikely with "bear witness"}, the KJV{family} and even tried the D-R.

Not to miss the speaker's main point but this drives me nuts. ;-)

"You must bear witness to me the things in which you have seen from me and those in which I am going to appear to you" wha-?

owen swain said...

Well, his reading of verse 18 is ESV, dead to rights, word for word ... so, a little paraphrase in verse 16?

Beyond that, stylistically it reminds me (too?) much of from whence I came.

owen swain said...

P.S. by "stylistically it reminds me" I was not referring to the translation :-)