Monday, March 17, 2014

The Message and College Study Bible Deal

You have been promising yourself that you will be more faithful about reading the Scriptures and this Lent, which begins on March 5, is the perfect time to start. You also probably know someone who might love to receive a Bible as a gift from you for Easter. Here is your opportunity to get two great, full Bibles for the price of one and save $37.50 in the process!

The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition
by Eugene Peterson and William Griffin is a wonderful, new, contemporary translation of all the books of the Bible in the traditional Catholic canonical order. Each book is introduced by a short essay explaining its themes and background.

The Message is a reader Bible that anyone can understand and enjoy. It contains no footnotes and is printed in an easy-to-follow, single column per page format. It makes the Bible come alive in new ways with new insights on every page. The Message comes in both paperback ($29.95) and hardcover ($37.95) and makes an especially great gift for young adults who are heading off to college or out into the world.

If you buy a copy of The Message , for a limited time you can receive a FREE copy of the College Study Bible . This beautiful, four-color Bible uses the familiar New American Bible translation and comes complete with explanatory notes, articles, maps, charts, photographs, and additional study materials.  Note that this is the NAB with '91 Psalms, not the newly revised NABRE.

The College Study Bible is great for serious students of the Scriptures and for those who prefer the translation that is read at every Catholic Mass celebrated in the United States. The paperback retails for $37.95, but you can receive one absolutely free when you order it along with a paperback or a hardcover copy of The Message by following this link.

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