Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Previous Study Bible Reviews

Below are links to the reviews I have done, or done by guest reviewers, concerning the various study Bibles available today.  They are organized by translation.  (There may be a few more on this blog somewhere, but these are the main ones I could find.)

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament

Navarre Bible New Testament

New Oxford Annotated Bible- RSV Extended Edition

Little Rock Catholic Study Bible Deluxe Edition

Little Rock Catholic Study Bible (guest review Rolf)

Little Rock Catholic Study Bible (guest review Eric)

The Catholic Bible: Personal Study Edition (guest review by Geoffrey)

The Catholic Bible: Personal Study Edition (my own additional comments)

New Jerusalem Bible (This one could have been better.  Maybe I'll update it one day.)

The Discipleship Study Bible

Life with God

New Interpreters Study Bible vs. New Oxford Annotated Bible (4th)  (guest post by Diakonos09)


mike7up said...

I suggest a Catholic review of the Orthodox Study Bible...

Theophrastus said...

How about your "first look" at the NOAB4?


Do you still believe about the NJB that "this one Bible has the best collection of Bible study tools and page lay-out in any one volume Catholic Bible currently available"?

Timothy said...

Not anymore.

Eric Barczak said...

+1 what Mike7up said. Would love to see someone's thoughts on the Orthodox Study Bible.

Tim-how would you rank the Catholic study Bibles? CSB, CSBPE, LRCSB, NOAB, NJB, JB, +others

Timothy said...


I am hoping to do a series of posts on this topic once I have a little more time to work on them.