Monday, March 17, 2014

Pope Francis on Reading the Gospels Daily

From Catholic News Agency:

“I’ll ask you a question” he inquired of the crowd gathered, “do you read a passage of the Gospel everyday?” Echoing their responses, he stated “Yes, no…yes, no…half and half. Some yes and some no.”

“But it’s important! Do you read the Gospel? It’s good,” the Pope repeated, stating that “it’s a good thing to have a little Gospel, small, and take it with us, in our pocket, in our purse, and read a small passage in any moment of the day.”

“It’s not difficult,” he continued, adding that “it’s not even necessary” to have all four, but just “one of the Gospels, a very little one” always with us, and “listen to it.”

(Angelus on 3/16/14)


Anonymous said...

I do keep a pocket New Testament in my car all the time. I wish there were individual NABRE Gospels published, so I could carry an even more compact Matthew, Mark, Luke and John...


Jason Engel said...

A pocket NT or even a very small Bible is great to have on hand. Sure, I could pull up a Bible app on my phone, but its just not as satisfying as a proper book.