Thursday, February 27, 2014



rolf said...

I voted yes, but a concise concordance will make these big study bibles even bigger. I am using my ipad mini more and more for my studies, I have three study bibles on it and look how thin and light it is!

Theophrastus said...

I think it is a plus if a study Bible has both a concordance and an index to the supplementary material included in the volume. These enable the reference user of the Bible to quickly find relevant passages and added materials.

Having said that, I must note that many study Bibles that I admire greatly (including the Norton Critical Edition of the English Bible, Oxford Jewish Study Bible, NOAB-RSV) lack a concordance, so I cannot say that it is essential.

Jason Engel said...

A reading Bible, no. But a study Bible should definitely have a basic concordance as a minimum. Either way, an exhaustive stand-alone concordance should always be on the desktop of a serious student.