Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol. 76, No. 1

Catholic Biblical Quarterly  Vol. 76, No. 1/January 2014

Mark 1:1-15: A "New Evangelization"
Richard J. Dillon

The History of Legal Theory and the Study of Biblical Law
Joshua Berman

"Associative Meetings" in the Character Evaluation of Lot's Daughters
Jonathan Grossman

The Affirmation of Prophetic Power and Deconstruction of Royal Authority in the Elisha Narratives
Walter Brueggemann and Davis Hankins

Storing UP Treasure with God in the Heavens: Celestial Investments in Matthew 6:1-21
Nathan Eubank

Assessing Stanley E. Porter's Objection to Richard B Hays's Notion of Metalepsis
Alec J. Lucas

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