Friday, February 28, 2014

An Offer

So, spurred on by the example of another, I have been looking at some of my Bibles and other Bible-related resources and would like to unload a few of them.  Not exactly sure if I know how I want to distribute these, but I know there are some of you who may be interested in some of these books.  So, below is a list of books that I would like to give to a good home.  These books are all in good condition, even some of the older ones.  I am willing to pay the shipping costs, as long as it is in the USA, but would appreciate some sort of small "free-will offering" if you can.  I'll leave that up to you.  Please send me an email, mccorm45(at)yahoo(dot)com if you are interested.  I'd be happy to send you a picture if you want.  

All things are sold.  Thanks for the quick reply.  May have something like this in the future.  

NT Wright For Everybody Series (includes commentaries on Mark, Luke, Acts (1&2), Galatians, Thessalonians, 2 Corinthians, the Prison Letters, the Pastorals, Hebrews, and the Catholic letters)**Sold**

1914 Hardcover Douay-Rheims (PJ Kenedy & Sons) **Sold**

Saint Benedict Press Premium Ultra-Soft NABRE **sold**

A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture (1953) **sold**

Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature ed. Walter Bauer (University of Chicago 1979)

New Jerusalem Bible (Hardcover in Slip Case) Full Edition with Notes. **Sold**

13 CD Scott Hahn Bible Study on Romans (St. Joseph Communications)


Theophrastus said...

Very nice thing you did, Tim!

I'm only familiar with the US NJB edition with dustjacket -- could I ask you to describe what the NJB w/slipcase looked like? Was a thick slipcase, similar to the JB w/slipcase? If you had a photo, that would be fantastic.

Timothy said...

Sent it off today, so don't have a photo for you. It was the large, thick hardcover edition, much like its older sister the JB.

Eric Barczak said...

Theo-If it's what I'm thinking it is, there are a few available on E-Bay with pictures Here's a link to one with some nice pics:

Timothy said...

Yep, that be the one.

TS said...

Wow, lot of quality offerings. No wonder it went so fast!