Friday, January 10, 2014

The Catholic Men's Bible

This first ever Catholic Men's Bible is due out next week.  It uses the NABRE translation.  I am really excited that this is being published, particularly under the care of Fr. Larry Richards.  However, I just wish that OSV wouldn't resort to using inserts, but rather integrated the the extra material into the text itself, much like the Every Man's Bible.  However, I do understand why they do this.

"No Bible no breakfast, no Bible no bed!"-- Fr. Larry Richards
Well known preacher, teacher, and author Fr. Larry Richards has the God-given gift of being able to meet men right where they are, and his no-holds-barred approach has helped millions draw closer to God and more fully live out their Catholic faith.
Now for the first time, Our Sunday Visitor has combined the trusted NABRE version of the Catholic Bible with the teachings, wisdom, and instruction of Fr. Larry Richards in the Catholic Men's Bible, NABRE.
In 88 inserts, you will be challenged, enlightened, and even amused with topics like:
  • The Most Important Question
  • The Key to Manhood
  • God Has a Plan for Your Life
  • Men Strengthen Men
  • Sex is Holy
  • The Courage to Be a Man
  • What a Good Man is Like
  • Just Do It!
The combination of Holy Scripture with Fr. Larry's instructional selections gives you a new and easy way to become the man God intended you to be by incorporating Bible study into your daily life - before breakfast, before bed, or any time during the day!

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Stuart Dunn said...

Completely agree on the inserts! That's why I didn't like Fathers of the Church Bible by them. I'm like I would have been better off just getting an Aqulina book. Hope Fr. Richards' is better than that.