Monday, January 20, 2014

Little Rock Scripture Study: The Word of God at Vatican II

Coming in June, Little Rock Scripture Study will be releasing a new 4 session study on Dei Verbum called The Word of God at Vatican II.  This looks very promising, as well as being something that is really needed.  The sessions are led by Catholic Scripture scholar Ronald D. Witherup, SS.   Fr. Witherup is the superior general of the Sulpicians and lives in Paris, France. He holds a doctorate in biblical studies and is the author of articles on Scripture and of numerous books including Gold Tested in Fire: A New Pentecost for the Catholic Priesthood, and is New Testament editor of the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible (Liturgical Press).   He has published widely, with a number of his books being available for purchase

About this 4 session study:
Did you ever wonder how the Bible became such an essential part of being a Catholic in our Day? Dei Verbum—The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation—remains one of the foundational teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Discover how this teaching helped to move the Bible into the heart of parish faith formation, and continues to direct our efforts in liturgy, education, and spirituality. Appropriate for all parish adult faith formation efforts, Bible study groups, and diocesan education programs.

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Anonymous said...

I purchased the full Little Rock study on 1 & 2 Sam. Including audio tapes of lectures about 10 years ago. It was just awful. I hope they have improved but I'm not about to take the chance. Fr. Robert Barron ahs a lot of good studies and Catholic Scripture Study International is outstanding. The lectures from LRSS were truly dreadful. Peter Brennan