Monday, December 2, 2013

Oxford University Press Holiday Sale

Thank you to Theophrastus for passing this information on to me.  Follow this link for some of the sales going on this month at Oxford University Press.

Here is the note from Theophrastus, with some of the details and prices:

Of particular interest to your readers, the leather editions of both
the New Oxford Annotated Bible NRSV (4th edition) and RSV (expanded
edition) are being sold at 65% off.  I personally consider the NOAB
RSV to be a high point in annotated study Bibles, and the NOAB NRSV is
a leading academic study Bible.  I have never seen the leather
editions at such low prices.

Here is a list of a few titles that may be of interest to your readers
and the sale prices:

* NOAB NRSV (4th edition, leather) (9780195289572) $33.25
* NOAB RSV (expanded edition, leather) (9780195283358) $31.50
* NSRV w/Apocrypha pocket edition (leather) $22.50
* RSV Catholic Bible (large print hardcover) (9780195288704) $20
* RSV Catholic Bible (compact leather & zipper) (9780195288537) $16.50
* RSV Catholic Bible (compact leather) (9780195288551) $16.50
* REB Oxford Study Bible (paperback) (9780195290004) $17.50
* NETS New English Translation of the Septuagint (hardcover) (9780195289756) $20
* Oxford Bible Atlas (paperback) (9780199560462) $17.50
* Oxford Companion to the Bible (hardcover) (9780195046458) $28.00
* The Catholic Studies Reader (paperback) (9780823234110) $15.00
* The American Catholic Revolution (hardcover) (9780199734122) $14.00
* The Apocryphal Gospels (hardcover) (9780199732104) $17.50


Dennis said...

Wow. NOAB Annotated RSV ordered!

Jason Engel said...

Woohoo! Merry Christmas to me!

rolf said...

I notice that Oxford did not put any of their NABRE Bibles on sale. I wonder why?

losabio said...

Got my NOAB RSV in the mail yesterday. I nearly picked the NOAB4 NRSV (newer = better, right?), and decided to heed the recommendations of Theo and others who like the RSV version better. I'm liking the "lightly annotated" approach which OUP seems to have taken with the notes. The lack of pericope headings does make for a different reading experience compared to translations which include pericope headings. The headings make it easy to find different scriptures if the chapter/verse isn't memorized, and yet when reading, they really are like a bunch of traffic signals or speed bumps which break up the continuous reading of Scripture. I like the archaic language in the RSV psalms, I like the maps. The bonded leather cover is stiff/plasticky, but what are ya gonna do? I think my version has glued, rather than stitched in the binding, and the paper is a little on the thin side. Thanks again for the heads-up on the sale.

Timothy said...

I am pretty sure it is genuine leather and sewn binding.

Dennis said...

I received my NOAB RSV yesterday as well. I haven't had much time to spend with it yet but I can echo some of the comments of Iosabio. The leather cover is stiff and feels quite plastic. It does appear sewn and not glued. I was hoping for a softer cover but it will likely break in this use - motivation I suppose! The front cover is blank also and only embossed on the binding which surprised me a bit. I am really glad I picked the RSV as the spot checked verses felt really familiar to me. This is my first RSV - all my other bibles are NAB, NABRE or Good News. I can see it being my go-to bible just based on initial impressions.

Timothy said...

Those of you who received the NOAB recently, have you seen this post from 2011: