Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The New Catholic Bible Poll at 1088

  • 1
    22.7% (247 votes)
    New American Bible Revised Edition
  • 2
    20.4% (222 votes)
    Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (1st or 2nd)
  • 3
    16.82% (183 votes)
    Douay-Rheims (Original or Challoner)
  • 4
    11.95% (130 votes)
    Jerusalem/New Jerusalem Bible/New Catholic Bible
  • 5
    10.29% (112 votes)
    New Revised Standard Version
  • 6
    9.74% (106 votes)
  • 7
    6.34% (69 votes)
    Knox Bible
  • 8
    1.75% (19 votes)
    Christian Community Bible/New Community Bible


Michael Borges said...

I want o know what "other" translations people read regularly. I prefer the ESV.

Eric Barczak said...

Confraternity (though I voted RSV).

Jason Engel said...

I regularly have open:

I expect to be adding the Catholic edition of The Message going into 2014.

Darren Cary said...

Timothy, as a convert, I have the hardest time finding a good Bible. As. KJV Only-est, I liked my genuine leather wide-margin Oxford. Later I loved my leather wide-margin NIV Cambridge and the NIV Study Bible. Now, finally a Catholic, I'm struggling to find a decent one-volume RSV-CE with attractive large print, same-page cross references, and print that does not ghost-through to the next page.

What is your favorite regular Bible?

Timothy said...


First off, welcome home to the Catholic Church. Finding a Bible that fits your needs is, unfortunately, a difficult task currently. Igantius has the RSV-2CE which has all you want, but is not in a premium leather edition and there are issues with the quality of the paper as well. Some other options, in the RSV, would be to get the New Oxford Annotated Bible in the RSV with Apocrypha.

If you were willing to go with the NRSV, Cambridge puts out a nicer NRSV with Apocrypha in geniune leather with Cross-references. It is a nice edition. Unfortunately, both the NOAB and the Cambridge bibles, while containing the Catholic deuterocanonicals, are not Catholic editions.

If you like the language of the KJV, the Knox Bible is a beautifully bound Bible. Single column, cross-references and some notes, but it only comes in a leather hardbound edition. If you look up "Knox Rebound" on this site, you will see some posts about how I had it rebound in premium leather. You can goto to read from the Knox.

Oxford University Press does have some RSV-CE's available in leather, but none of them have cross-references. If you want, feel free to email me and we can chat more about this: mccorm45(at)yahoo(dot)com