Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Bible Miniseries

I know that this was shown during Lent earlier in the year, but I was curious what you thought of The Bible miniseries that was shown on the History Channel.  I'll be honest, at first I wasn't too big a fan of it, but after multiple viewings, I have actually come to appreciate what they were trying to do.  It is by no means perfect, and they did some creative things that I question, like the scene with Jesus and Lazarus, but overall I appreciated the spirit that went into its production.  Also, my high school students absolutely love the series.  They have reacted more favorably to these films than anything I have shown over the past five years.

They will be releasing the Jesus portion of the miniseries into theaters in February as a movie called The Son of God.


David P. said...

I saw it, very much liked it overall, and so I bought the DVD for use in youth catechesis. I ended up just showing bits and pieces. What bothered me the most about it was the way they put Mary Magdalen into every scene of Jesus with the Twelve...even the Last Supper and thus institution of Holy Orders. As if she was an inseprable part of the group instead of being what Luke tells us: one of the female caregivers. Agenda or just p.c. creativity?

Anonymous said...

At the time I was looking forward to seeing it and was hoping it would be well done. Unfortunately, after giving it a try, I ended up ditching it. To me it seemed amateurish  and unbelievable.