Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition

The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition is now available for purchase.  You can also view some actual pages, including an intro from Eugene Peterson and Deuterocanonical translator William Griffin here.  

An interesting note from William Griffin's intro is that he did not translate from the Greek or Hebrew for the Deuterocanonicals, but rather the Nova Vulgata.  So there you go, our first translation into English from the Nova Vulgate.  How fascinating!

The paperback is available on Amazon for a little over $20, while the Kindle edition is $7.99.   I am hoping to acquire an edition in the coming weeks for review.

Now for the first time and exclusively from ACTA Publications, The Message® features the deuteroncanonical books translated by William Griffin in The Message®: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition. Including the books of Judith, Tobit, Sirach, Wisdom, Baruch, 1 and 2 Maccabees, and additions to Esther and Daniel, all translated in the same contemporary American-idiomatic paraphrased style as the other editions of The Message®. 
Eugene Peterson's The Message® is a fresh, compelling, insightful, challenging, faith-filled translation of the Bible into contemporary idiomatic American English and is first and foremost a reader's Bible. Eugene Peterson and William Griffin (translator of the deuterocanonical books) have made the Scriptures come alive again by translating them in a way that people can understand what God is trying to say to us today.
This Bible is meant to be read. The Message® is not meant to be a subsititue for your other bible translations. It is meant to sit next to them where you can pick it up and simply start reading. We hope it will send you back to your other translations with new insight and curiosity. 

For more info, head over to the ACTA Publications site or my interview with the publisher.


T. said...

Wonderful Bible that captures the spirit of the text in a relatable way! This is a great option for reading large sections (entire chapters) at once. I use the kindle version in conjunction with the Inspire Justice 365 day kindle devotional.

Chad said...

I would be interested to know if it has an Imprimatur. I'd be cautious of anything calling itself "Catholic" without one.

Timothy said...


See the following link for your answer:

owen swain said...

I've been sampling the excerpts via their email program since summer. I really wanted to like it but like its predecessor the novelty soon wears thin on me. However, I admire their mission and if this serves as an introduction to people engaging with a translation then amen and amen.