Monday, October 14, 2013

The Knox Bible and

I have received a number of email inquiries about why the Knox Bible was removed from the site.  I contacted Bible Gateway and this was their response:

Dear Timothy,
Greetings from Bible Gateway.
Thank you for contacting us concerning the availability of the KNOX BIBLE. We have removed this Bible from our library at the request or the publisher.
God bless your day,
Bible Gateway Customer Care


hoshie said...

Sad to hear. The Knox version is available at New Advent along with the LXX (and I think the Majority Text for the NT) and the Vulgate in parallel columns. While we are on the topic, I do wish Ignatius/NCC would put the RSV-2CE online. I like the app but it's too bloated IMHO.

Biblical Catholic said...

Why would the publisher ask for it to be removed when they were bragging about it being there when it was added?

Timothy said...

I have wondered about that myself, since Biblegateway would certainly provide considerable exposure to the Knox translation.