Friday, October 25, 2013

Catholic Men's Bible

Thanks to reader Lenny for pointing this out!  This may be a first for Catholic men.  Publication date looks set for early 2014 by OSV.

The Catholic Men's Bible
Author:Fr. Larry Richards
List Price:29.95 US$ 
ID #:T1437
Availability:Not yet published


Vince C said...

Let me be the first to predict another cheap paperback NABRE with some glossy inserts and the same annoying footnotes. Better they should just give us the inserts and let us use our Bible of choice.

Francesco said...


It seems to have the same price and approximately the same number of pages as the "Catholic Women's Bible" that you covered back in July. It wouldn't surprise me if the two Bibles turned out to be similar in terms of quality. Have you been able to see the Women's Bible up close?

Timothy said...

Have yet to see either, although I am sure the format is identical. OSV has been busy publishing similar looking themed Bibles, using the NABRE, over the past year or so.