Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Vulgate Psalter

Here is a link to an interesting post on the blog Psallam Domino entitled In Praise of the Vulgate Psalter.

One of the most helpful parts of this article is where it notes the difference between the Vulgate (and LXX) numbering of the Psalms compared to the MT:

A key to the numbering differences
  • Psalms 1-8, and 148-150 are numbered the same in all versions;
  • Psalms 10-112 in the Vulgate = Psalms 11 - 113 in Neo-Vulgate, and Psalms116-145 in the Vulgate = Psalms 117-146 in Neo-Vulgate (ie add one number to Vulgate to get Neo-Vulgate number);
  • Psalm 9 in the Vulgate is split into two in the Neo-Vulgate, so becomes Psalms 9 &10;
  • Psalm 113 Vulgate = Psalms 114 & Ps 115 in Neo-Vulgate;
  • Psalm 114 & Ps 115 Vulgate = Psalm 116 in Neo-Vulgate;
  • Psalm 146 & Ps 147 Vulgate - Psalm 147 Neo-Vulgate.

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Theophrastus said...

I the best work by far for examining the differences between the Septuagint and Masoretic psalters is a parallel edition from Oxford called A Comparative Psalter, with a long introduction, the Greek and Hebrew psalters, and translations (from the RSV and New English Translation of the Septuagint: NETS). It is quite illuminating. (However, the NETS edition continued to develop after this book was published.

It is fascinating and exciting to see how the Septuagint differs and matches the Hebrew.