Monday, September 30, 2013

New Chinese-English Parallel Bible for Catholics

From the National Catholic Register, concerning a new Chinese-English Catholic Parallel Bible.  The New Testament was published previously. (Confirmed by Mary Sperry of USCCB.)  Below are some snippets, along with a link to the full article: 

A new edition of the Old Testament in both English and Traditional Chinese is a valuable tool for Chinese Catholics, and represents a new possibility for evangelization, say leaders in the community.

All editions of the parallel translation have used the New American Bible, Revised Edition, and the Chinese translations are those of Blessed Gabriele M. Allegra, a “determined” Italian priest who produced the first Chinese Bible translation in 1968 after a 40-year collaboration with scholars and translators.

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Theophrastus said...

Just a note -- this is not a full Bible, but just the Old Testament.

If anyone has an ISBN for this volume, I would be most grateful.

Mary Elizabeth Sperry said...

The New Testament was published previously.

Anonymous said...

Where can someone buy this and the previously published New Testament?


Mary Elizabeth Sperry said...

It's published by Bible Vision out of Saratoga, CA.