Monday, August 19, 2013

Catholic Bible Poll at 500+

Last week, the Catholic Bible Translation Poll, which is located along the right sidebar, exceeded 500 votes.  If you remember, I initiated a new Poll a couple month back in order to address the new editions/revisions that had been published since this blog began.

So here are the results, completely unscientific of course:

Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (1st or 2nd): 24.01% (127 Votes)

New American Bible Revised Edition: 23.25% (123 Votes)

Douay-Rheims (Original or Challoner): 17.39% (92 Votes)

Jerusalem/New Jerusalem Bible/New Catholic Bible: 10.78% (57 Votes)

New Revised Standard Version: 9.83% (52 Votes)

Other: 6.81% (36 Votes)

Knox Bible: 6:24% (33 Votes)

Christian Community Bible/New Community Bible: 1.7% (9 Votes)


    Theo said...

    The Douay always stands up well no matter how many people seem to criticize it, doesn't it?

    Daniel said...

    Did the Confraternity Version get a single vote or was it lumped under Other?

    Timothy said...

    Probably other. Perhaps it is time for a new poll?