Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Amazing Pope


Diakonos said...

Realizing the need to use Protestant authors with a deiscerning Catholic mind, I have been greatly helped and influenced by:

David Alan Black and his "Why Four Gospels?" book which as he states is fundamentally an exposition of the work of the late scripture scholar, Dom Bernard Orchard, OSB. This work uphold the academic and historical basis for Matthew as the first Gospel rather than Mark and gives interesting theories for Luke and John as well.

William Barclay and his Daily Bible commentary series have been excellent. I first learned of him from a talk by Venerable Fulton Sheen back in college c. 1980 or so. I think these works were the fiest to help me see Jesus and the Gospel in the light of his times and culture.

And of course, NT Wright in so many ways: his emphasis upon the role of the Kingdom in Jesus' preaching; his apologetics in the face of the Jesus of History v. Christ of Faith debates; his "Everyone" series...so many things.

I am starting to hear things about Phillip Yancey and am thinking of picking up his book, "The Jesus I Never Knew"...anyone have a word for or against this book/author?

Timothy said...

Might want to repost this on proper post. :)

Diakonos said...

OOPS :) was multi-tasking at work, reposted where it belongs