Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Knox Starter Kit Contest

Many of you are aware that I have come to really appreciate the Knox Bible translation.  As you know, Baronius Press has done a fantastic job in producing a beautiful, single column edition of the Knox Bible.  I have been so impressed by this edition, that I decided to have it sent off to Leonard's to be rebound in premium goatskin leather.  Perhaps some of you are thinking about purchasing the Baronius Press edition, but are just not sure if you are willing to shell out the $50 for it.  That is certainly understandable.  So, I want to offer a contest to my North American readers that might help at least one of them make a decision.   The winner of this contest will receive both a new edition of Knox's On Englishing the Bible and a paperback edition of The New Testament: Translated by Ronald Knox by Templegate Publishers.  This version of the Knox New Testament is a facsimile reprinting of a Sheed & Ward edition.  It includes the full NT translation, notes, and two line drawn New Testament maps.   The printing is very clear and the Sacred Text is presented in a two-column format.  

So here are the rules:

1) If you have a blog, please advertise this contest on your site. (If you don't, you can still enter the contest.)

2) This contest is only for people who are in the North America.

3) To enter, please put your name in the comment section of this post.  Winner will be drawn randomly.

4) The contest ends on Pentecost Sunday, May 19 @ 11:59 PM EST. I'll announce the winner on Monday morning.  At that time, the winner must contact me, via email, with their address within one week to receive their prize.

5) One entry per person. If you post anonymously, you must leave a name at the end of your comment entry


mtg said...

I've been listening to the audio of the Knox Bible that you pointed to a couple of weeks ago. I love it. It's like listening to Tolkien.

mtg said...
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Brittany Collins DeFalco said...

I have never heard of the Knox Bible but it sure does sound interesting. Would be pretty interesting to review for sure.

Anonymous said...

Michael P.

citizen DAK said...

thank you for your blog :)

Kaska.David said...

Another thanks for your blog. I've been following it for quite a while now, and it's always interesting.

Thanks for the assurance that owning more than one translation is not so odd!

Dave K.

Stephen said...

Would love the chance to receive these.
Stephen Shine

Anonymous said...

Also am very interested in these.
Mike Oakley