Friday, May 10, 2013

Knox Rebound: Update 1

OK, Leonard's has received my Knox Bible and have provided me with an official estimate for the cost and production time for my Knox Bible rebinding.  So far my communication with Leonard's has been fantastic.  They have kept me updated, almost daily, on the project.    (Although I don't expect that this will be the case for the entire length of the project.)

To give you a little taste of the my interaction with Leonard's so far, I will share with you a recent correspondence that has to do with the leather being used and the issue of imprinting.  The color I chose for the goatskin rebinding, dark brown, happens to be brand new to Leonard's.  As a matter of fact, they don't even have it on their online pricing list yet.  So, Margie emailed me earlier this week to let me know that they were going to experiment with blind imprinting on this new dark brown goatskin, just to make sure it would look right.  Instead of using the standard gold or silver imprinting of "Holy Bible", "Knox Version", and my name, I really like what I have seen with blind imprinting, and so would like to see my Bible personalized with that tooling technique.  As they were experimenting with this new dark brown leather, they kept me up-to-date with the results of this experiment and even sent me photo of it, which you can see above.  I really appreciate the fact that they did this and didn't decide to use my Knox Bible as a guinea pig for this experiment.

In the end, I am quite confident that this rebound Knox Bible is going to look great when its completed.  I look forward to sharing with you any further updates and, of course, the final results.  Stay tuned!


rolf said...

Hmmm - If they only made a goatskin carrying case cover for my ipad mini, then I would have a large print RSV-2CE and NABRE wrapped in premium leather!

rolf said...

Wait a minute, with one quick check on google, I already found a place that makes those cases for the ipad mini cases in 100 percent full grain leather. It looks very nice. The price is $88.00 but if you consider the price that apple sells those those thin useless covers for, this price doesn't seem too high.